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Does the current learn tech market have your head spinning? In their recent webinar, The Learning Tech Landscape, Redthread Research stated that there are more than 420 vendors in the market. Seeing this figure prompted me to think there might be value to sharing some of the desk research I’m doing on Learn Tech vendors.

My goal wasn’t to do an in-depth analysis of each product but rather to gain a better understanding of the overall landscape and specially to gauge how these products are approaching skills and using AI. The skills agenda isn’t new. It’s a problem L&D has been trying to solve for the almost three decades I’ve been in L&D, but there have been three gaps that organizations have struggled to overcome:

  1. Organizations don’t know what skills an employee needs.
  2. Organizations don’t know what skills an employee has.
  3. There aren’t any tools that can provide personalized learning plans based on an employee’s gaps then reassess those skills and competencies in rigorous way.

With these gaps in mind, I had two primary takeaways. My first takeaway is that there are some really exciting advances. Some highlight features include:

  • Products that leverage AI to harness data in new ways and to support long-term labor planning.
  • Products that leverage AI to dynamically inform skills models that are then used as a starting to benchmark your talent pool.
  • Products that leverage AI to surface patterns of behavior from systems employees use every day then use prompts to suggest actions to course correct or provide support.

My second takeaway was that there are a lot of products that are simply co-opting the language of skills and AI but haven’t introduced any truly innovative technologies or capabilities. Too many are providing “empty containers” dependent on organizations to flesh out competency models, assess employees and manually develop learning plan. The issue isn’t that there isn’t value in an organization doing these things. The issue is that organizations have historically struggled to do these things at scale AND that to me is why AI is so exciting.

I want to reiterate I’m not trying to position myself as an analyst by sharing this research.  and I’m sure I’ve gotten some things wrong and I’m certainly open to input. I will continue to update appropriately. Enough of my blather.

This cheat sheet provides a snapshot of over 100 learn tech products. You can see what I’ve pulled together below. The first table attempt to identify core functionality of the product and the second table capture the vendor’s description of the product along with my brief.  and a link to demos or videos where can see the product. 

Note that there are two tables. The first is a rubric that categorizes each product by focus or functionality and the second provides a short brief on each product. 

Table 1: Rubric

Table 2: Brief

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