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We help companies accelerate growth by refining go-to-market strategies, implementing laser-focused targeting strategies and crafting a full funnel experience that engages, educates, and reveals value. 

Meet Our Partners

Lexonis helps organizations world-wide implement successful talent management. With over 20 years’ experience, Lexonis delivers skills frameworks, consulting services and technology that help organizations understand the skills they have and how best to develop and deploy them. Typical outcomes include identifying skill gaps and learning needs, creating career development paths and reporting on workforce capability analytics.

Lexonis Essentials helps you build, customize, and manage all the elements of your skills frameworks and job role profiles while leveraging the power of AI.

Lexonis TalentScape adds powerful assessment and analytics capability to quantify and act on individual and organizational skills gaps.

Lexonis is an IBM Business Partner and supplies the IBM Watson Talent Framework Library and is also a SFIA

(Skills Framework for the Information Age) Global Partner. Lexonis also has it’s own proprietary skills framework. All of which can be tailored to your organization’s needs.